Maintain Your Calendar.

Under the Parent Portal menu

Select Add Events
Enter the title of the Event
Under the tab Event Details enter the full description of the event
Scroll down and select the category from the dropdown

Select the Event Date tab
Click the icon alongside the date and select the date and time of the event
NOTE : the time is based on a 12 hour clock so be sure to select AM/PM
You can specify the length of the event by entering a value under Days/Hours/Minutes
Or Select the date the event will finish
Or Select All Day to book the whole day out if required

Select the Event Address tab
add the address of the event - if your event is being held away from the nursery

Repeat method
allows you to repeat the event daily/weekly/monthly or yearly
Status allows you to make publish the event to the calendar or Unpublished to take the event offline
Trashed will delete the event completely

Administration Options
Approved - leave as Yes
Featured - leave as No

When finished Click "SAVE" to save the event and it will be displayed in your calendar
When the parents login they will see the events you have added to the calendar