You are now in edit mode on your website
Click on the word edit just below the logo to edit the article or on the pencil icon to edit the module
You will now see the web page ready to edit (See Editing Your Website Image)

This is very much like using a word processor (Microsoft Word etc)
You can simply update the text  and apply styling.

To add a link to your website select the text you want to dd the link to, then click on the chain link icon
A new window opens: 
Enter the URL to the site you want to link to.
Leave the text as it is
Add a title - always start with your nursery name as this helps with Google's SEO
Select "New Window" for the target
Click OK to save your changes or Cancel to lose your changes
This will close the window

To add a video to your website go to the videos menu and upload the video
Once uploaded go to the page you want to include your video on
Go into edit mode then click on the insert/edit media icon (3rd icon on the 2nd row)
In the source enter /videos/xxxxx where xxxxx is the fullname of your video file including the file type (MP4 only at the moment)
Click ok to add the video to your web page
Now, click on the Toggle Editor button at the bottom right and change the top line to be
Add style="float: left; margin-right: 20px;"  between the labels video and controls so it now looks like this
<video style="float: left; margin-right: 20px;" controls="controls" width="400" height="250">
Save your changes and view your page...with the video now embedded

To add images to the page click on the word “Image”
This will open a popup window.
Scroll the window down to see the “Choose File” button.
Click on the button and then navigate to find the image on your computer.
Once you have found the image click on it to select it then click on the”Open” button.

The window shuts and you can then click on the “Start Upload” button to upload the image file.
Once this has finished the image has been added to the website (not yet added to the page)

To insert it into the page click on the image to select it and then click the insert button.
Once you've added the image on the page you can re-size it by clicking on the image to highlight it, then click on the image icon (4th one in on the middle line of icons).

This brings up a window where it shows the current height/width - change these to the required size - leave the constraint tick box on to keep proportions correct (see Sizing Images)
Add the description on here for completeness.

To make images look professional add the following to the style (see Styling Images)  Float: left; Border-Radius : 10px; Box-Shadow : 10px 10px 20px grey;

Click OK to save your changes - repeat above if you need to change the size again.
Click on the “Save” button at the top of the screen to save your changes or click “Cancel” to abandon the changes.